Social Events

Men’s Breakfast – Each Friday morning at 8:30 AM, men of Saint George’s gather at A&P Restaurant in Greer for breakfast. There is no agenda or discussion or study, just conversation, good food, and enjoyment of the parish community. 

Ladies Nite Out – On the second Tuesday of every month, the ladies of the parish gather at local restaurants (different every month) and enjoy a meal together. There is no agenda other than food and fellowship, conversation and community. 

Monthly Evening Prayer and Potluck – On the third Tuesday of every month the parish gathers for Sung Evening Prayer at 5:30 PM and a potluck dinner at 6:00 PM. Sung Evening Prayer, or Evensong, is a cherished tradition of the Anglican Church and likewise cherished is the potluck dinner. With as few as 20 and as many as 40 attending, this monthly prayer and meal has become a favorite event for many in at Saint George’s.

Various and Sundry – Throughout the year there are a number of opportunities in which to gather with other parish members for food and fellowship including the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, July 4 celebrations, Saint George Day events, Parish picnics, golf outings and other events.

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