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From the Ponomarevs March 2022
“God has called us to live in peace” 1 Cor. 7:15

Dear Friends,February 24, 2022 will be remembered as one of the most tragic days in world history, like September 11, 2001. There will be always “before the war” and “after.” Our last trip to Ukraine was only 5 weeks ago. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas (January 7th according to the old Orthodox calendar) with all of the excitement that the holiday brings. At that time, the biggest enemy was COVID-19.
Churches that were then packed with members and guests are now packed with refugees. The cheerful sound of Christmas carols has been replaced by sirens. People that were dressed in their Christmas best are now donning uniforms. Grocery store lines that were once caused by last-minute shoppers, are now due to food shortages.

From the eye-witnesses: 
Andrei from the Vinnytsia Theological Seminary writes: “Refugees, refugees, refugees. We’re singing with them, crying with them, feeding them, fixing their cars, providing beds and a place to shower… That’s what we believe real Christianity is all about. Lord help us. Thank God, Vinnytsia is still a pretty safe place.”
Dr. Oksana from the Christian Medical Center writes: “There is a lot of work and we are pretty tired. People are calling, and coming for help from distant villages. I stayed at the church for an entire day. People arrive in terrible condition both physically and emotionally. I look at them and cry. I understand that I need to pull myself together and be strong for them.”
Andrew, a pastor, writes: “Our congregation of 123 members is hosting 80 refugees a day. Some of them are staying in the homes of church members, some sleep on the floor in the sanctuary. Our call center gets 500 requests a day.” 
Mikhail from the Family Ministry writes: “I have enlisted. There are lines to the enlistment offices. I made arrangements for my family. They are safe. We (our people) didn’t want that war. God is with us. We are protecting our homes.”
Nastya, a foster parent, writes: “We had over 100 people staying over in the church and our foster home basement. There is a strange-looking man walking around the house. I am very scared. We have to be alert every minute. The older kids and frightened, little ones not so much.”
This church is in a small town called Lityn. The billboard in front of it reads: “Help center for refugees. Hot meal, tea, coffee, rest.” I remember when the land for the church was purchased. I have pictures of myself standing on top of the unfinished brick wall of this building. I remember many Bible camps and worship services in this sanctuary.  People who came to know the Lord through the ministry of this church are still my best friends.” Refugee Relief
Sanctuary turned into a dorm
Church Call Center receives 500 calls a day
My name is Irina, derived from a Greek word Eirene meaning “peace.” I pray for peace in Ukraine, and other places in the world. But even more I pray for peace between God and unregenerate man, and peace through Christ. One day we will find out how God used these circumstances for the advancement of His Kingdom. 
Ephesians 2:17-18 “He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near. For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.”Please pray for: Peace in Ukraine.Refugees and all those who suffer the horrors of war.God’s Name to be glorified!
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A Letter from A Local Pastor to friends of Saint George’s Alex and Irina Ponamarev

“Dear Brother Alex and Sister Irina 

Dear Brothers and Sisters of MOST Mission,

We really appreciate your prayers for Ukraine, your support for our people and churches. At this time of war we can feel you standing with us. In spite of rocket attacs close to our town of Vinnytsia, drills during the daytime and night time, shortage of fuel, irregularities with food supply and other obsticles, we praise God for protecting us in Vinnytsia till now. Owing to your prayer support, God has strangthened us to be able to run new ministries in hard and dangerous circumstances of martial law. For our churches it is very uneasy, but we’re hanging on.

Needles to say that the attention of the whole world is concentrated on Ukraine. Since many people are fleeing from the capitol of Ukrine Kyiv, from East and Southeast of Ukraine towards the West of Ukraine trying to find shelter & protection. In this situation we are serving the refugees housing them at our church facilities, families and everywhere else we can. However, we are running our of the resources. So, we would like to kindly ask you to join us as we need to buy things as listed below:

– medicines

– hot water heater

– food

– fuel

– other expenses

Please, keep praying for peace in our country and in the hearts of the people, as well for the best way for us to respond to the current and upcoming needs, witnessing the great love and care of our God. We put our Hope in the Lord knowing that He keeps everything under control, having His purpose and time for everything. Thank you for being with us during this hard time, for praying for each of us and the whole Ukraine.

By His grace only,

Vinnytsia Baptist Union Senior Pastor,

Vladimir Vuzii

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